South korean beauty - AMPOULE

Updated: May 29, 2020

South korean beauty - AMPOULE Brand for vegan

MUSTUS Blue Ampoule is famous beauty item in South Korea

Blue Therapy for damaged skin.

Deep Moisture. Gentle, Deep Moisturizing

The moisturizing and soothing ampoule formulation spreads rich moisture as it thouches the skin.

Natural blue color - Mystical natural blue color

with no artificial coloring, the ampoule captures the unique, natural blue color of the blue tansy flower.

t contains guiazulene, which soothes sensitive skin with mild irritation.

Ample that adds triple hyaluronic acid to dry skin and delivers rich moisture

Guiaazulene content

The ancient Greeks used chamomile to protect and calm their skin.

Guiazulene soothes the skin with blue-colored phytochemicals extracted from chamomile. (* Raw Properties Only)

In this case, you need a blue ampoule.

· Anyone who has sensitive skin despite mild irritation

· When you need fresh moisturizing care

· When you want to apply only one of the skincare products,

core component

guiaazulene, blue chamomile, lavender oil, aqua seal, triple hyaluronic acid


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