HOT Vegan Cosmetic

Updated: May 29, 2020

As the "good consumption," which leads the process and animal protection, has spread around the 2030 millennial generation, it has now become a social phenomenon. They actively express their beliefs and values through consumption activities. It also has a huge impact on product sales by freely sharing them online or through SNS.

As the perception of consumption has changed significantly, the proportion of eco-friendly products is also increasing in the beauty industry. There have been a series of releases of vegan products that do not conduct animal testing, and attention is being paid to fair trade brands and products.

Since 2005, Dr. Browners has been at the forefront of protecting the environment through organic-based fair trade support. Dr. Browners believes that the quality of soil deteriorated by pesticides and chemical fertilizers is what makes the environment and community increasingly poor, and has supported organic cultivation systems for fair trade partners in the organic oil raw site, the main component of its products. Furthermore, as part of the global campaign 'Heal Earth!', it has been actively engaged in research and education in renewable organic agriculture, which helps clean up contaminated soil and slow climate change.

"The small habit of choosing fair trade products with interest in how the ingredients in them came to us when purchasing cosmetics can create a better society and a healthier global environment," said Dr. Michael Browner, CEO of Dr. Browners.

Meanwhile, The Body Shop is also receiving natural materials through fair trade with small-scale farmers and traditional handicrafts craftsmen in 21 countries. French naturalist brand Roxidant is also helping local women stand on their own economic independence by purchasing siere butter produced in a way that does not harm the environment in Burkina Faso, Africa.

The beauty industry's activities for co-prosperity with the local community and protecting the environment are also being actively carried out by domestic companies.

Since 2010, Amore Pacific has been the first Korean cosmetics company to carry out "arritous purchases," a fair trade activity linked to the local community. Amorepacific safely purchases eco-friendly plant materials from local farms, and the local community is maximizing the benefits of the village community with efficient transactions.

Aromatica, which claims to be a vegan beauty brand, opposes animal testing and the use of animal materials. "As the number of people who are looking for good value consumption increases day by day, beauty products that think of a better tomorrow are in the spotlight," said an official at Aromatica.


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